Glassomer provides sample boxes with representative glass parts for different production processes like injection molding, UV casting or 3D Printing. Contact us to order your sample box of fused silica parts suiting your requirements. 

Fused silica glass samples

Glassomer sample boxes are the easy way of acquiring your part of the glass revolution. Depending on your needs, we offer sample boxes with glass parts from different production processes like injection molding (IM), 3D printing, and UV-casting and for different fields of uses, such as optics. See for yourself the power of our technology. 

Sample Box Injection Molding

Our sample box IM provides three samples of injection molded fused silica glass parts. Sample boxes include small 3D shaped parts and sheet glass parts, depending on recent production and your requirements, e.g. for testing.

Sample Box 3D Printing

Our sample box 3D Printing provides 3D printed fused silica designs from our weekly production. Designs include small vases, figurines and containers, depending on recent production. 

Sample Box MIx

Our sample box Mix provides three samples from different production methods, which can include injection molding, 3D Printing or UV casting. Samples include small 3D shaped parts and sheet glass for surface and bulk testing.


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