Complex Shapes

High Precision


Glass shaping made easy.

Structuring of glass is challenging and usually requires high temperatures to shape a glass melt or aggressive chemicals for etching of microstructures. Glassomer is a silica nanocomposite which comes as a liquid or a solid. As a liquid Glassomer (e.g. Glassomer L50) can be structured by room temperature replication or stereolithography 3D printing. As a solid Glassomer can be structured using classical subtractive structuring technologies like drilling, milling, lathing or simply carving with a knife. It can further be structured using thermal polymer molding technologies like nanoimprinting, thermoforming or high-throughput roll-to-roll replication. A final heat treatment turns the polymeric nanocomposites into high quality fused silica glass. The conversion takes place at 1300°C below the temperature for handling of silica melts (~2000 °C) and thus saves a considerable amount of energy.

The Glassomer Technology: Glassomer pre-glass materials are shaped by molding. The whitish brown part is converted to glass.

Optical Properties

UV-Transmission @ 200 nm: 84 %
VIS-Transmission @ 300-1000 nm: >92 %
IR-Transmission @ 1000-3400 nm: >90 %

Mechanical Properties

Bending strength: 115 MPa
Vickers Hardness: 980 HV
Therm. Expansion: 0.52 x 10-6 1/K

Surface Properties

Contact angle water: 36 °
Surface energy: 60 mN/m

The Science of Glassomer

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