Our Solutions

With our unique technology, we provide glass components of highest purity and quality on an industrial scale.
With our competence in customized glass solutions, we enable previously unseen designs ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage for customers.


Glass has widespread applications in many industries due to its outstanding transparency, high thermal and chemical stability, its pleasant haptics and smooth surfaces. Glassomer offers a wide range of solutions for your future glass applications. Find out the possibilities for your market of interest!


Special designs as well as micro- and nanostructures increase optical performance and enable novel applications.
Glassomer provides special optics for illumination and imaging with high freedom of design - off-the-shelf and on-demand.

Lab on a Chip

Miniaturization is key to increase production capacities while decreasing resource requirements. Microfluidics in glass offer new possiblitites for chemical synthesis and high-throughput screening on-chip. Glassomer provides complex chip designs in high-quality glass.


Glass quality and ion leaching as well as glass part assembly is a challenge in many applications in MedTech.
Glassomer offers the solution - our versatile technology enables direct production of intricate glass designs in fused silica, free of ion leaching.


Renewable energy sources are the future of energy production. Do you want to increase the efficiency of your solar cells?
The Glassomer process allows for fabrication of micro- and nanostructured glass surfaces that can reduce reflection losses.


Lighting and homogeneous illumination are prerequisites for safety and ambiance - material quality and haptics increase the users experience and comfort. Glassomer produces your transparent glass parts for automotive illumination and design.

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Glassomer provides individual solutions for your requirements.