Diffractive and refractive optics made from fused silica with previously unseen freedom of design. Glassomer provides precision glass parts on-demand and off-the-shelf.


Fused silica glass combines high transparency with high thermal, mechanical and chemical stability - ideal for the fabriaction of robust optics. Special designs as well as micro- and nanostructures increase optical performance and enable novel applications. Do you require a special part for guiding your light or want to increase the performance of your product by exchanging polymer optics for glass optics? Contact us for your special design needs.

The Challenge

Glass micro- and nano-structuring is complex. Most technologies rely on etching or laser-based technologies, which come with design restrictions or suffer from low surface quality.
High-temperature molding techniques are difficult to implement for fused silica due to the lack of reliable high-temperature micro- and nanostructured molds. This makes glass micro- and nanostructures highly expensive and severely restricted in design.

The Solution

The Glassomer Technology enables fast and easy micro- and nano-structuring of high-purity fused silica glass.
We transferred the molding step to low temperatures so that our fused silica parts can be shaped in regular injection molding machines. Precise structuring of glass becomes as easy as structuring of polymers.


Fused silica optics from Glassomer combine the high transparency and stability of fused silica with high smoothness and precision of our molding processes.

Benefits Icon highest Purity


Benefits Icon Precision


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Diffractive optical elements doe

Glassomer diffractive optical elements (DOE) for light shaping. Through high-precision molding minimal feature sizes can be achieved for multi-layered DOE.

Microlens Arrays

Glassomer provides high precision lens arrays (MLA) for a number of special applications. Spheres and aspheres, round or square shapes are possible.